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Mariah Naella | Photographer

I've been shooting fashion + portraits professionally for about seven years & shot my first wedding in 2013. I find great inspiration in LOVE – both my own and between others. So for me, this has been a rewarding combo. In addition to my love of photography, I am a momma, wife and entrepreneur.

You have so many great photographers to choose from, I know firsthand how daunting this can be. Feel free to call or email me if you want to connect more directly.

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It's likely that you're here checking out my work because there's a wedding in your future. Yay!

While I feel it's absurd for anyone to claim to be "the best" in a sea of different styles and approaches, what I will tell you is that I am extremely passionate about my work, a lover of love, and always down to climb a fence for a shot.

cheers, Mariah

When I tell you this girl is dope...I mean it. Mariah captures the tone, personality and soul of your wedding.



Style & Approach

My approach is tailored to the unique desires and personalities of each couple I work with. Sometimes I'm a circus director & other times I'm a fly on the wall. I can work either way. My focus is on interesting juxtapositions and capturing artistic candid moments & details to best weave each love story visually.


My Wedding Camera Kit

Nikon D800 (primary body) | Nikon D700 (back-up body) | Nikon 50mm, 60mm & 85mm prime lenses | Nikon 80-200mm | Nikon 16-35mm | Nikon SB910 Flash | Calumet Travelite Portable Studio Lights | and occasional experimental film cameras


Packages / Investment

My wedding packages start at $2500 and each include a drive with all of your images artistically edited and a private online gallery. For a list of base package options and details click here


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